Portland Shamrock Run Recap

Somewhere between the rain and the pavement of the 2016 Portland Shamrock Run, there was a covert team of runners wearing all black in a sea of Irish green. Though we remained an Invisible Force throughout the rigors of the race (as we were individually spread amongst different distance groups), Team GHOST WORKS was quite visible at Sunday’s finish line.


Team GHOST WORKS at Portland Shamrock Run

In all, we fielded at fleet of 20 runners for the 2016 Portland Shamrock Run and entered athletes into all four course denominations. Ten team members ran the 5k, four stepped-up into the 8k, three legged-out the 15k and three brave members tackled the half marathon — all with great success.

We may not qualify for the Olympics any time too soon, but a humbly huge congratulations to the team, for setting goals and sticking to them. That was no small feat. Well done.

Team GHOST WORKS at Portland Shamrock Run

As industrial designers who proudly specialize in sport performance footwear, we were glad to be able to participate in such an event. Not only did we learn some things about ourselves and our individual bodies, but we also enjoyed the chance to immerse ourselves in the greater culture that is running — its preparation, its traditions, its idiosyncrasies, its highs and its lows. So much was learned from the experience that will now be infused into our future processes and resulting designs.

Despite the cold, the wind, the rain and the aching joints, much fun was had by all. A few team members committed to increasing their distances for next year’s Portland Shamrock Run and a few were happy just where they landed — but everyone agreed they would do it all again — provided there’s good beer and great people waiting for them at the finish line.

Until next year, cheers!