Livery Design of XR69 Replica

This coming January, our fearless founder will be representing Team USA at the Island Classic, an international road racing event in Australia. The team’s bike of choice for this competition will be of the vintage variety, an XR69 replica, bravely built from scratch and finely tuned through rigorous rounds of testing.

After months of systematic fabrication, assembly, testing, deconstruction, tuning and repeating the process, the motorcycle was finally ready to take flight, however, the blank machine needed a race-day design that would shine.

In order to maximize the input behind the final design, select members of the Ghost Works team individually explored a livery design that would best represent the honored heritage of the vintage model, but that also laced modern elements that would best represent Ghost Works as a brand. As you can see below, four designers drew upon personal tastes and four distinct livery designs arose as contenders.

XR69 Livery by Ghost Works

Using the body silhouette, Ghost Works logo, racing number (72) and the Vicious Cycle logo (sponsor) as absolutes, the team members reached visibly varied results at the end of this timed exercise. In the end, some design language and speed lines were obviously shared, but it was the one that stood alone that inspired the most conversation.

With a solid framework and a few bits of refinement, the final livery design was proudly established.

Ghost Works XR69 Replica livery

Employing bright red blocking, curved striping and adorned with the era-appropriate Lucky Strike circle, this livery design has been officially submitted for paint. With much excitement and anticipation, we ask that you stay tuned for the final product; to be seen on the track at The Phillip Island Classic 2016 and in the Ghost Works short film to follow.