CycleWorld Phillip Island Recap

Following the conclusion of the 2016 Phillip Island Classic, CycleWorld Magazine recently posted a recap of the rigorous racing events (Part 1 anyway). Within the lines of this lengthy profile, Eirik Nielsen, the founder of GHOST WORKS, received notable mention for his part in the international competition and his contribution to the team tally.

Representing Team USA, we are proud to report Eirik finished 18th overall … but that’s just a fraction of the adventure.

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Eirik Nielsen GHOST WORKS bike at Phillip Island Classic

Eirik Nielsen, CMR FJ1200:

The 2016 International Challenge started the day we completed last year’s race at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit.

Full of adrenaline, high on-track battle stories (and tall tales), exhausted by Australian summer temperatures, energized by individual and team successes and a bit intoxicated on VC (local brew handed to us by the friendliest of fellow racers), we were no match for team captain, Dave Crussell, as he tried to persuade a handful of us to ‘get serious’ and step up to the premier class for next year’s event.

Glowing with excitement to have finally led Team USA to not place last (like the previous year’s efforts), Dave drew upon his experience as a business entrepreneur to craft a powerful pitch that needed no extra tuning—our resoundingly unanimous response was a solid, “Let’s do this!”

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Eirik Nielsen GHOST WORKS bike at Phillip Island Classic