Backpacker Magazine Gear Guide 2015

While thumbing through the pages of Backpacker Magazine this weekend in a cigar shop, it was discovered that the touted publication had taken a particular liking to our designs. A welcomed surprise on high, the magazine’s annual Gear Guide (a list of 2015’s Best New Gear) featured not one, but two of our trail running shoes, in grand fashion.

Backpacker Magazine Cover 2015

The first of the featured items was the HOKA Mafate Speed, a maximal trail running shoe that the magazine liked for the reason that it “swallows bumps on rough trails and saves your joints on long runs.”

Backpacker Magazine HOKA Mafate Speed

The second of the pair to make the elite list, was the Dynafit Pantera alpine trail runner, a “top of the mountain” model with claw-like traction and ample cushioning for the absorption of rocky terrain.

Backpacker Magazine Dynafit Pantera