Beer-a-Thon Fun Run

Last week, we received a last-minute invite to participate in the adidas 7th Annual Beer-A-Thon — costumes required. Although the explanation of what we were getting ourselves into was ample and clear, there was no preparing for such a special spectacle.

adidas Beer-A-Thon

Starting at Yorgo’s Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill in North Portland, we paired into teams of three, for the purpose of collectively running a half marathon, in relay fashion. Runners darted out of the gates, briskly traced a mile of the University bluff (beneath a serene Portland sunset) and then furiously disposed of a Rainier beer at the completion of each leg. And repeat.

In the end, each runner ran four legs (totaling 4.5 miles) and drank as many suds.

While team Holy Ghost Works didn’t exactly match up to our born-to-run competition (another team had an Olympian!), we left our hearts along the course and made up some valuable time when it came to post-leg refreshment. Get in where you fit in?

Thank you adidas for the invite. We’ll get you next year.